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I’ll hope to use this space to write occasionally about things (particularly bad things) that are very important but don’t get enough attention. Sometimes about things that are very unimportant but are distracting us, collectively, from those important things. Sometimes about some dumb thing I read and should just go ahead and write a solid 400 words about instead of Tweeting 17 times. Sometimes (I promise myself) about some good thing I read that should get more attention.

Basically, if you know me professionally (25 or so years of various campaigns, the early days of Media Matters, NextGen America, etc etc) or from Twitter (about a decade of whatever annoying thing pops into my head) you probably have some idea of what to expect. (And if you don’t, I’m honestly curious why you’re here.)

Or maybe I’ll forget all about this thing and you’ll never hear of it again. I definitely can’t promise that won’t happen. I can promise I’ll respect your inbox — I have no interest in churning out Content for the sake of Content. You aren’t going to find yourself thinking “Jeez, this is the fourteenth time this clown has emailed this week.” And definitely no ***TRIPLE MATCH ALERTS.*** I promise.

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