This is great. I laughed loudly picturing Crow writing checks to support taking away American citizen's rights while catching a glimpse of Hitler's tea pot purchased to "remind him of the evils of mankind." Like, wtaf? Pretty much proving the point, if you can make people believe absurdities, you can make them commit atrocities...believing Crow is simply a well-intentioned Nazi aficionado is...absurd.

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Intense deja vu to the days following the Miami Herald's expose on Jeffrey Epstein.

It's amazing how few beneficiaries of Epstein's largesse were aware of his history.

No one heard, saw, or read a thing...not universities, journalists, politicians...groups well known for their incurious dispositions.

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Oh, my goodness the mental image is hilarious...and painfully accurate.

The cognitive dissonance that his defenders have to have to make this argument.

Seeing it come from Ben Shapiro gave me so much secondhand cringe, I can't even tell you. Not that I expect cogent and coherent arguments from Ben Shapiro, but still...really, man?

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