This one sentence made my day: "It is, politically, a Republican newspaper."

The NYT (and increasingly, the WaPo) are biased in favor of Republicans. Period. For Democrats, any flaw is a fatal flaw. Republicans are Teflon.

This needs to be shouted from the rooftops.

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The Dorian Gray Lady has been a shit hole promoting authoritarian assholes for decades. They never report the news. They manipulate opinion. “All The News To Give You The Shits” would be more truthful advertising. I said as much in the early 80s with my column “All The News To Give You Fits”

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There are various ways to approach the existential dread that is the November election.

It doesn't matter what Onion-like reporting emanates from legacy media. It doesn't matter what happens domestically or via foreign policy. It doesn't matter what nonsensical rulings issue from a hopelessly corrupt SCOTUS. It doesn't matter that the DNC cannot even pretend to have a vision for the future.

All that matters is stopping fascism while there's still time.

I wish we had worthy leadership, but we have what we have.

My vote won't be the one that destroys our remaining dregs of democracy.

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I get some relief as well as good information from this post. I have been intially most irritated by their inaccurate and pearl-cltching coverage of trans people. I hadn't followed the other reporting choices as closelyy, but I have to agree when you describe the evidence. It becomes harder to remain a subscriber, just fior Wordle, the recipes, the book reviews, and some of the columnists.

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I can't speak for Jon's thinking, but I've seen a fair number of "the media want Trump to win" narratives that are expressed with an air of futility. Often this is accompanied by expressions of disgust with those who still subscribe to the offending newspaper.

It makes sense to me 1) to not give up on the mainstream media and hide in our blogospheric bubbles, and 2) to try to control the agenda rather than merely react to the latest Republican smear. You make a good point that one can do so by criticizing the media while at the same time comparing Biden and Trump.

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