Sitemap - 2023 - Finding Gravity

The threat of Trump-inspired violence will grow

The three worst things I've read all year

Why won't the NYT tell readers Elise Stefanik supports antisemites and spreads antisemitic lies?

Substackers Against Nazis

Remembering Sandra Day O'Connor

Yes, Trump will ban abortion if he gets the chance.

The New York Times continues to ignore Trump-inspired violence

The gun ruling that exposes the misogyny of "originalism"

You can't give your cat a kidney. I checked.

Clarence Thomas is a man of deep integrity, according to former Thomas employees who currently have business before the Supreme Court

By publishing Christopher Rufo, the New York Times demonstrates contempt for its readers

The climate crisis is upon us, but pollsters keep putting their thumb on the scale against climate action

Donald Trump inspired a man to go to Barack Obama's house with guns and explosives. The New York Times ignored it.

No, you do not gotta hand it to John Roberts

In response to Trump indictment, Republicans again insist Republicans are above the law

Anderson Cooper, company man

This is CNN

Friends in High Places

Harlan Crow’s Nazi memorabilia collection is raising a lot of questions already answered by his policy preferences

Republican politicians embrace another killer

The New York Times is trying to legitimize Republican retaliation for the Trump indictment. Don't fall for it.

Downplaying the Republican Party's attacks on democracy won't save us

A New York Times guest essay exposes the Times' own biases

A bizarre New York Times column exaggerates the dangers of exaggerating the dangers of Ron DeSantis

The same old war it's always been

The gun ruling that exposes the misogyny of "originalism"

Random Notes: Biden's documents, Republicans' investigations, the Supreme Court's expanding ethics problem, and more

The Supreme Court is lighting its reputation on fire

The New York Times invents a Biden scandal -- and the public's reaction

The Supreme Court's sham leak investigation exposes John Roberts as a partisan hack

The Next Time Will Be Worse